This blog page has moved

Hi Friends

I have recently had some traffic on this blog, and wanted to let you all know that I am no longer posting on this blog page.  My new site, which has its own domain, is at:

I would love to see you there!

If you are also interested in Digi stamps/art, then check in periodically, as I will be devoting this page to those — just as soon as my ‘studio’ room is set up and sorted out (I just moved) — lols.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


Harmony :)


HarmonyKent Website now live

Author photoHi guys! is now up and running – complete with a follower button.  So head on over there and connect with me.  You’ll find deals and details on my books, plus reviews, guest authors and editing/proofing services – it’s all happening.

A big thank you to Brian Sfinas is in order – I couldn’t have gotten this site up and running without his expertise and patience.   As well as being a web techie, Brian is also an author, singer and songwriter, and artist.  Head on over to his page now to find out more about him.

The Glade is receiving 5 star reviews over on Goodreads – yeah!  Release date on this great new book is November 15th.  Check out the new site for up to date info.

I am now offering reviews, editing, proof reading, beta reading and MS appraisal – please see for more details.

And lastly, but very importantly, a HUGE thank you to all my loyal followers … I would love to see you all on my new site :)  Your support has been great, and I continue to wish you all the very best.

I look forward to seeing  all my followers and readers over there :)

New review up on the new site

Hi everyone

I have posted a new review on the new website … – it is on  a book by A J Church: Return of the Light.  Follow the link to check it out.  The site is still in development, but I should have follower buttons and all the rest of that techno jazz real soon.  In the meantime, thanks so much for your support :)

I have also posted details of book services that I can now offer to indie authors …. check those out here.  As stated in my earlier post, I have set these prices much more cheaply than I have seen anywhere else as I know that most indie authors don’t have hundreds, or even thousands of pounds to spare on editing and proofing services (me included – lol).  I am also open to negotiation – so please don’t be afraid to contact me and ask.   :)

Coming Soon …

As we move over onto the new website (, I will be opening for business – and will be able to accept manuscripts that require proof reading, copy editing, or appraisal.  Prices for this service will be posted soon.  They will be offered VERY CHEAPLY.  I want to do this because at the moment, most services are priced at a level that pretty much excludes new indie authors and those still trying to get their work known.  I believe strongly in maintaining high standards in the self publishing arena, and this is one way in which I can help that to happen.  Of course, I do still have to eat and keep a roof over my head!  So I cannot offer this for free, as much as I would like to.  If you’re interested then keep watching this space :)

The Glade Front Cover

Don’t forget, my new book is available for pre-order here.

And will be released on all Amazon sites, as well as Smashwords and Google play from November 15th.

Don’t miss out – order your copy now!



More news:

Very soon I will be reviewing for Awesome Indies – again watch this space … lots and lots happening here at the moment!

Sending you all warm wishes!

Harmony :)

New Website

Hi everyone!

My new website is nearing completion, and there are pages up and ready for viewing.  During the next couple of weeks we will be steadily making the transition over there.  I will be contacting all of my

loyal followers to let them know the knew URL.  Watch this space, and don’t miss the move!

Be well and be happy :)